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How to configure TcpGPS for using world geoid EGM2008

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1. Download the zip file with one of the following links:

    1x1' grid (600MB approx.):

    2.5'x2.5' grid (100MB approx.):

2. Unzip the zip file and copy the GDE file anywhere on the device, for example in the Downloads folder

3. Run TcpGPS and go to the Survey option, creating a new project or selecting an existing one

4. Run the Import > Geodesy option and select the previously copied GDE file

5. Create a new project (Project > New) or go to the configuration screen of the current project (Project > Information)

6. Create a new coordinate system by selecting the downloaded geoid, EGM2008 Geoid Height 2.5x2.5 or EGM2008 Geoid Height 1x1

7. The coordinate system will be available to use in any project

Posted : 21/11/2022 6:00 pm